Life Update 3

22 Dec

Helloooooo! Long time no see eh? Well here I am after a year (I think?) of no posting. I think all this blog has turned into is random yearly updates on my life, which I guess isn’t that bad really.

Before I started writing this I looked to see when my first post was posted, and I noticed that my first post was on December 22 2007… guess what?! It’s December 22 2012!! My 5 year blog anniversary is officially today! Although all 5 years haven’t been account for in activity… but that’s okay. 5 years is a long time for me. I graduated high school, started college, and have almost finished college in these five years… and it’s felt like 40.

Now back to my update. I mentioned in my last update that I was going to be moving off campus with some friends. Well, I did in fact do that.. with 7 guys to be precise! And after just finishing my first semester of living off campus I must tell you that it is a million times better than living in a dorm. Though all the trials of life seem to be more prevalent, like rent, time management, jobs, work, food, and gas. The reason I enjoy it so much is my awesome house. Having 7 people, including me, in one house tends to bring a lot of entertainment at any time of the day. It also helps that the people I live with are the coolest nicest guys I know.

I have been trying to live more adventurously this past semester. This means that when someone asks me to do something crazy, I will always try to say yes. This mindset has let me have a lot of fun times this semester. Like climbing a billboard.

I hope this next semester is good. I have an awesome internship at an advertising agency called prototype. With it being my last semester, I’m starting to think of my near future… my near future that does not include any form of school. I really have NO clue as to what my no school future holds but I’m excited to see… and as usual, I will update you in 2 years to let you know how it’s going 😉

Oh, and I have been obsessed lately with jumping on my school’s trampoline.. at any time of the day you could ask me if I want to jump, and I will say yes no matter what. Here’s some videos that me and my roommate made to show you what I mean.


I will see you guys in another 2 years probably.

I love you all as usual,



Life Update 2 Years Later

24 Feb

Hey! It’s almost a month and 2 years later than my last post and guess what?! I’m still in school! Awesome I know.

I went back and read all my old posts and had a couple laughs at how dumb I am. I can’t believe I didn’t post something on my 21st birthday.. oh well, it’s almost my 22nd in a couple weeks, and I feel absolutely old. Though I bet I will come back and read this when i’m 30 and laugh at myself for saying that. These past 2 years have flown by. I feel like I just came to Liberty, and here I am, on the verge of graduating.. I hope. I really have no idea what plans I have when I do actually graduate, but I’m not as scared as I was when I first started college. I guess that’s a good thing?

So some updates on what’s going on in my life… First, this upcoming semester, fall of 2012, I will be moving off campus with a group of guys that I know. I really can’t wait to be off campus.. Living with a group of 72 other guys doesn’t really do it for me anymore. I have my group of friends set, and I just want to get away from the bustle of the dorm life I guess. But with these new changes comes new responsibilities. First I will be needing to pay for rent, something totally new to me, though I’m almost positive I have it all covered… yay loans… :/  Anywho, I will also need to get a job over the summer to fill my room with furniture.. as I might need a bed to sleep on. I can’t wait!

A couple things with school. First, I’m probably going to be taking a couple courses at Liberty this upcoming summer break. I’m not so sure how I feel about this, but I really really just need to graduate as soon as possible.. I also need to CLEP a math course.. if you don’t know what this is, do not be worried. It’s a test I will be taking to say that I have enough knowledge to pass a certain class, meaning I just get the 3 credits if i pass! woot! Too bad I suck at math. gah

I think that’s enough for now. I miss and love you all,


Life Update

4 Feb

Life moves on, another semester has begun for me. School has definitely been a really great experience for me. Getting out on my own, sorta… having to be responsible for myself…. sorta, and failing all my classes, WHAT? no, I haven’t failed all my classes. But seriously, this has been a good school year; I’ve made a bunch of really good friends and had, and hopefully will have, a bunch of fun.
It’s supposed to snow like 20 inches tomorrow, 2/5/10, I really hope so.
I’ve desperatly been trying to make a good website for the past few months, but every time i design one and put it up, the next day I hate it! It’s hard ya know… click to see the fail-site.

Yeah.. thats it for me for now.

…Wait. I have to tell everyone something… never-mind.


25 Oct

I don’t know if anyone else has thought about this but yesterday I went to walmart to buy a bowl. I know this sounds stupid, but I feel this is very significant to me. For one, I have never had a reason to buy a bowl before. If I ever needed a bowl I would just go get one from my house, or if my house needed one it would have been provided by my mom.
All this to say I bought a bowl, and I feel it is ummm…. significant. to me at least.

College/Church planting

12 Sep

Yay, i’m at college…

From what I hear, this time of my life is meant to find one’s self; to explore the boundaries of one’s life and determine where you want to go… or even, at the most extreme cases… learn crap.
But for now, I cannot say that I have done any of this yet, nor will i for sure. But! I have done a lot of thinking… mostly of Connecticut, and Catalyst, and stuff related. And here is what i have been thinking…

So down here in Virginia things are a bit different than in Connecticut… Most everyone is nicer… More people are Christians…annnnd there are a billion more churches. Now all you hear down south for church planting is usually aimed from the state of Maryland and south of there…. and while i hear this all i cant stop thinking of how absolutely, ridiculously brave Mike is.. like seriously… Mike could have easily stayed down here, and either, one, stayed with TRBC with the youth group, two, gone off somewhere else down south staying in the youth ministry, or three, started his own church, getting a zillion more people to come to his church… duh, he’s mike….than up in Ct. This blows my mind. Mike could have taken the easy way out and gone to every other churched place and started another mega church, but no.. Mike knew that he needed to stay in Connecticut and start the most amazing church there… because we all know that Ct needs God’s Word.

So I was thinking all this and was sorta talking about it to some friends at this restaurant.. The next day, in Evangelism class, some guy talks about how not everyone needs to go into a paid ministry position; instead we need people going into all everyday jobs to spread their faith. Then my teacher goes on to talk about church planting and why older churches don’t grow very much, and while listening to this I felt very proud knowing that I was involved with the greatest church plant ever created in the, probably, most unchurched state ever.

This saturday before the launch was probably the most, while being at college, that i wanted to go home. So I could have been there, so i could have seen what is the beginning of something awesome. But I’m proud that I got to be a part of most of it at least.

Not that all places don’t need churches, or that the people who choose down south are any less.. But in my concern, People down here have it, at least i feel, a little bit easier. Go Catalyst!!!Mike, you’re awesome and I love you all, and I really wish I could be there!


13 Jul

I think someone is playing a joke on me. A few days after my last post, I noticed my views per day went progresivly down. So I go to google and see if my picture is still up there, and its gone…. I did say before that it was stupid that I was getting that many views from that dumb picture, but now that it’s gone I’m sad. Well thats all i got for now….

Wait.. I was gonna post something about this but wordpress beat me to it. I joined this site called a couple of weeks ago. When you sign up you pick a charity and sponsor, then you put a code they give you on any social website you use in order to raise money for that charity you chose. Basicly it is an ad for the sponsor you chose, and when you get views on your site those views turn into points which turns into money for the charity you chose. It’s pretty cool.

Poison Ivy

7 Jul

Ok, just a quick update. Don’t think that I have forgoten about this blog, I do check it daily, though for a different reason than you think.

Awhileago I posted about how I had a severe case of poison ivy and I found a gross picture to go with it. Now for the past like 4 weeks ive been getting, I’d say, a constant 500-600 page views per day. And the only reason this is, is because of that stupid picture. If you go to google and search poison ivy, on the second page you will see a gross picture which links to my page lol.

Not that i dont mind getting a bunch of pointless views from a dumb picture but I would like them to be for my content….. doubt it.

until next time, see ya later